What is Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting Explained

A Single hosting server is shared by number of customers for hosting single or multiple domains using shared or dedicated IP addresses. To kick start your journey in today’s web hosting world, register a domain name and host website in Linux or Windows based shared web hosting platform depends on the technology used for the site development.

Shared Hosting Explained

#1 – Truth about Unlimited

“Unlimited Hosting” is not really unlimited, when it comes for shared hosting. Every web host has its own meaning defined in their terms and conditions in small font size. Don’t forget to know the real meaning of some terms like “Unlimited” shown in their web hosting services selling site. Day to day, the web hosting industry becomes more competitive, and the customers look for the attractive offers to host their domains. As a result, even the top web hosting companies insisted to display something attractive in their front page of the website.

#2 – Choosing the Right Plan

Shared hosting plan is suitable for personal bloggers (blog hosting), small business (business Hosting) owners, non-profit organizations, new forum (forum hosting) site owners, and portfolio websites. Right plan of the right hosting company is more important to avoid frustration in website hosting.

#3 – Try to Buy for Long Term (more than 1 year) to get Maximum Discount

Nowadays, shared web hosting plans are available for different terms of duration from 1 month to 36 months. Short term hosting plans of less than 1 year is so costly when compare with the same plan with long term of more than 2 years. Only few top web hosting companies have fixed same hosting price for all durations. Get high discount and save more money by subscribing for long term plans, but make sure of the reliability, quality, security, and other important factors must be considered before dealing with a web host.

#4 – Real Fact about Renewal

Domain Renewal is costly, but new domain purchase is cheap. Similarly, Domain transfer can be done for free, but domain hosting account renewal is costly and no more offers to save money. All offers and discounts are valid only for the first term users. After renewal, you can see a little hike in the monthly hosting expenses and absence of some add-on features.

#5 – Stay Away from Hidden Charge

Deal with the web host who does not charges hidden fees to reduce hosting expenses. It is tough to find the web host that does not include monthly hidden fees in the hosting account without dealing with the web host. For that, you can try out different searches on Google to find the complaints registered about the chosen web host to know whether the hidden fee will be charged or not.

#6 – Necessary Add On for Your Website Hosting

Various new features and essential add-ons can be added in the website hosting account for a reasonable price. Add-on features can also be sometimes called as Extra features that increase the value of the website. Some of the other add-ons are Private SSL, SSH, Dedicated IP, Google Spam Filtering, Premium drag & drop site builder, One click installer, eCommerce tools, SEO and marketing add-on tools. Based on the requirement of the website, any number of add-ons can be added in the account at the time of initial hosting deal or after hosting purchase.

#7 – Not Happy with Your Present Web Host – What to do Next?

Top Cheap Web Hosting companies always welcome the frustrated customers to have a free domain transfer in their hosting server to get excellent service in affordable price. Most of the new customers find their way to deal with a bad web host due to the increased number of spam reviews, and later after getting bad hosting experience, look for the quality hosting provider without considering the monthly expenses. In that case, find the best web host with the options of transferring domains for free and for that, you have to ensure of the quality of service and customer support. That is what you have to do, if you are not satisfied with the present customer. If the present customer initially guaranteed to refund hosting cost for dissatisfaction, don’t forget to question the web host for money back.

#8 – More about Web Hosting

While planning to build a site for the online business, the very first hassle that a large number of people face is to look out for a good and affordable web hosting package. The web hosting service is the singular most important service which is needed for doing online business, sharing views and providing information.

The powerful web hosting ensures the websites to be browsed, updated or downloaded in minimum time and this is the exact requirement of the customers.

The customer should be aware of the disk space required by the website that is being promoted and the data generated can also be calculated. The price is considered to be one of the major factors when you are in a selection of a hosting company and this exists if you are willing to choose the best hosting service and affordable price which don’t get hesitate to compare with them.

Review websites can make it very easier to drill down to specific categories of hosting and finding the best web hosting deals with the categories that are available.

The best web hosting you can find is the best value and before that you need a web host which helps you to register your web address. A web address registration company is not always a web host but some of the more reputable registration companies also offering the best web hosting deals on the internet.

Reliability is the key to success on internet and the best web host should have solid infrastructure and technology system and this is the foundation of uptime guarantee and also the satisfaction guarantee.

Most of the hosting providers will provide a control panel to allow you easily control your hosting account, see the website statistics, administer databases, check on server status and manage email accounts, website updates and access. The company needs to prefer their customers with 24/7 customer support and the best website hosting companies ensure not only the technical expert staff but also who are chivalrous and patient with the customers.

It is very important to keep in mind that there’s a lot more to best web hosting than just provision of web space, network traffic, email accounts, databases etc as the best hosting companies will often boast about other aspects of their hosting capabilities such as guaranteed uptime, 24/7 technical support, user-friendly control panel and plenty of web based software solutions that you leave without incurring any extra charges.

The best web hosting provider will always give you a solid reliability, highest level customer support, and the best price value with many hosting providers as they offer expensive price for same hosting solutions with others and they cannot be the best as you find.


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