10 Best VPN Services Reviewed 2023

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VPN or Virtual Private Network have become extremely popular these days with everyone worried about being tracked and spied on while online.

Apart from being hidden from hackers and government agencies there are number of reasons you could use VPN for accessing internet, such as you want to visit websites that are banned in your country or by your internet service provider, or you want to see Netflix movies or web series that are blocked in your country.

You can overcome these issues easily by using a good VPN service. There are different types of VPN services available for different purposes – an SEO agency might need a different set of features of a VPN service then a normal user who want to visit reddit!

What’s makes a good VPN service? Well there are a number of things you need to look out before you subscribe to a VPN service provider, things such as encryption algorithms, lack of server connection logs, legal jurisdiction, IP leaks protection, support for multiple countries, affordable price, good technical support and multiple device support features makes a VPN service good enough to go with.

We have gathered a list of top ten VPN service provides and compared their features and pricing so that you can get greatest service without wasting your time doing research yourself.

So without a further ado here is the list.

Top 10 Best VPN Services to Try in 2023

1 – Express VPN

Best VPN for PC

Express VPN is one of the top-rated VPN service providers. Their award-winning technology virtually cloaks your internet connection within seconds you sign up and it is able to cover almost all types of devices and operating systems around.

Whether you are using a Smartphone, tablet, set-top boxes or any other device that connects to internet, your original identity can be hidden from the internet. Hiding behind military-grade 256-bit encryption, your device’s IP and other information will remain untraceable.

2 – NordVPN

Best VPN for torrentingNordVPN service creates a virtual tunnel that protects your device’s IP and the personal data contained in them anytime you connect to the Internet or any unsecured network. Your search history will remain private and undetectable from prying eyes even when connected to public WiFi while away from home.

A single NordVPN account will cover up to 6 different devices including; computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux), phones & tablets (iOS, Android, and Windows), and also covers browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

NordVPN service deliveries high-speed Internet connects virtually anywhere in the world thanks to a massive network of nearly 5500 servers spread across 50+ countries. Cutting-edge encryption keeps your IP and important data protected from prying eyes.

3 – Hide me VPN

Best VPN 2020Tracking your every move on the Internet is big business these days, thousands and thousands of businesses pay darn good money to get a hold of the information gleaned from tracking your movement while you are online.

Unfortunately, even your ISP is guilty of tracking your movement and in some cases, is more than happy to turn over this information to the government. Hide me VPN is ready to fix that for you and ease your mind every time you connect to the Internet, even when you are in public. Hide me’s encryption technology is powerful enough to ensure that you never have to worry about whether big brother is watching and knows your every move.

Your computer’s IP will remain completely hidden at all times on up to 10 different devices. Hide me is compatible with most of today’s most popular operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. Hide me does not keep logs of any of its users to avoid any concern of whether your online activity could become public record.

4 – IP Vanish

Best VPN for streamingWhile many of today’s most popular web browsers offer incognito modes to prevent tracking of your browsing history, that is not even close to being secure enough. Your computer’s IP when it is connected to the Internet is the most important piece of information, it enables your every move on the Internet to be tracked and that information can and will be sold to the highest bidder.

IP Vanish VPN service makes it virtually impossible for your computer’s real IP from becoming seen. Its high tech encryption keeps your every move completely invisible. Even when you connect to a public WiFi network you do not have to worry about whether or a hacker, tracker, or even the authorities are trying to get a hold of your personal data or information.

5 – Private VPN

Best VPN redditPrivate VPN service is the most secure of all VPN services around. It features military-grade 2048-bit encryption, which makes it the most secure system available. Using Private VPN’s service gives you instant access to its ultra-high-speed network.

Imagine streaming HD content without slowing down, downloading even massive files in no time, and surfing the web without being slowed down at all. To ensure your online experience is memorable and there is absolutely no slowdown by strategically placing 100 servers in 60 countries.

Your Private VPN account covers up to 6 different devices simultaneously from being tracked online. Unlimited bandwidth and connection speed without worry of your IP being tracked.

6 – CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost VPN reviewWith CyberGhost’s military-grade encryption technology your computer’s IP will never be seen as long as you are being protected. For gamers, no worries about being Geo-restricted because of where you live. No more being blocked from websites, your computer’s actual IP will remain a secret.

CyberGhost does not keep any logs of any of its customer’s online activities. Their service uses strategically places servers all over the world to ensure that you will not experience any reduction in performance no matter where you or your devices are in the world. No worries about your data being hacked or stolen even when you are connected to a public WiFi network.

7 – SurfShark VPN

SurfShark VPN Review RedditSurfShark VPN service is a highly secure provider that creates a virtual bubble around your web presence. Since your computer’s real IP cannot be seen you cannot be tracked by your browser and your ISP cannot track you either.

By preventing your IP they cannot intentionally charge you more for things because they think that you live in an affluent area. Using superior encryption everything on your computer is safe and cannot be tracked. Imagine how comforting is knowing that no one will be able to see any of the websites you decide to visit.

Since many ISP’s have been known to gather and sell the information that it gleans from tracking you online and then turn around and sell it to the highest bidder.

8 – Ultra VPN

Ultra VPN ReviewUltra VPN puts the emphasis on speed and reliability, with no worries about you be hacked or snooped on by your ISP or anybody else for that matter. Once you are connected to the Ultra VPN tunnel no one will know who or where you are or where you have been while you are surfing the Internet.

Hidden deep behind a powerful wall of military-grade encryption your valuable IP and personal information is safely hidden from sight. No more worries about being Geo-locked or blocked from going to any site because of limitations set up by governments.

For an extra layer of protection, not even Ultra VPN keeps logs of your website history during your online surfing.

9 – Fastest VPN

Best VPN for Mac & PCIf you are needing a high-speed and highly secure Internet connection, you cannot go wrong with Fastest VPN. Using highly secure military-grade 256-bit encryption, your computer’s IP, and all of your personal data are highly protected from the prying eyes or scammers, hackers, and even Big Brother.

The Fastest VPN system is also highly compatible with a wide range of devices that run on most of the current most popular operating systems including; Windows, Linux, Mac (OSX). It can be put on more than 20 different types of devices and can even be used by up to 10 different devices.

No need to worry when you visit a local establishment that has free public WiFi available, your VPN tunnel connection is 100% secure and hackers can get you and no one can gain access to whee you are.

10 – Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN reviewVypr VPN is a powerful VPN service provider that offers one of the most secure of all VPN companies. Using the highest quality, military-grade encryption will keep all of your personal data protected.

You will not be able to be tracked by hackers, scammers, and hackers looking to steal your information. Once you have the app installed and up and running on any of all your devices you will be able to enjoy your Sunday. No worries about scammers who might be using your IP to gain access to your computer.