Website Security Certificate (SSL Certificate) – Top 10 SSL Cert Reviews

Website Security Certificate

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) works as the digital certificate that acts as the base for the internet security. SSL is the digital certificate used to make the encryption connection between the user and the server or user and the browser. The main reason of using SSL is the protection of the sensitive information such as bank details, credit, and debit card details etc. This process is called as the session which could not be intercepted by the unauthorized process.

The main job of the SSL certificate authority provider is to validate your business identity so that when a person visit your website on the internet, they not only see the padlock icon for security, but they also know that your identity as a business unit is authentic and not some phishing scam.

Benefits of SSL Certificate – Why you Need a SSL Cert

Encrypt Information: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate helps to encrypt the data packets. Which means it defines the data package in a way that it should not be traced in between the transportation from one location to another. You can also say it helps to make a secure connection to pass the information from client to server. In encryption process system use a key to encrypt the data at the client side and later on the same key is used by the server to decryption the data. Decryption is the process to have original data. It’s a two-way process followed by both client and server.

Provide Authentication: If you are operating a website then you must want to ensure the information from the website should reach to server safely. Whether it is the client information and accounts information it is vital to keep it safe. SSL can provide the safe mode by allocated the server certificate. Server certificate defines that the server you are dealing with the authentic one. It can keep your information safe. Customers also allowed taking the look of SSL certificate to build the trust on the server.

Guards against Phishing: Phishing is the process which offers unauthorized links to get the secure information or try to get the secure information. Often considered as the advertisement these confirmations try to access the credit card information. If the website is using SSL certificate, the people need to go through hard times to crack the layer and reach the sensitive information. It is more likely they will stop the process and you can keep the information safe.

Improves Customers Trust: When people know that the platform has an authentic process. By default, it can gain the trust of the customers. Now a day’s people are more involved in the online payments process. Thought all seek for the authorized platforms to so the necessary task. It the platform has SSL certificate then it can be considered as safe. So many online platform use SSL certificate to keep the customer’s personal information safe. No doubt this is going well as SSL has best security measures which can really prevent your significant information from hacking.

Better SEO rankings: Google gives higher rankings to websites that are secured with SSL certificates. After this announcement from Google more then 50% websites are already using SSL. And as per this news, if you are collecting any sensitive visitor information and not using SSL Certificate, Chrome browser marking your website as non-secure!

SSL Certificate Padlock

Different Types of SSL Certificates

There are three types of SSL Certificates are available to choose from, they are:

  1. Domain Validation
  2. Organization Validated SSL Certificates
  3. Extended Validation Certificate

You can get any of the above mentioned SSL Cert types depending upon your requirement and money you want to spend. Note only the domain validation SSL type of cert is free.

Top 10 Best SSL Certificates Providers

1. Let’s Encrypts

Let’s encrypt is the free and open certificate. People can use it without spending the penny. They give the digital certificate to the user to enable the HTTPS at the server. Which creates a more secure and safe environment. Some benefits if this certificate is it is free, automatic, secure, transparent, open and cooperative. Lets Encrypt is a Free SSL Certificate provider.

2. Comodo

Comobo is the firm which provides the digital certificate to provide the more secure transactional platforms the user. Comodo innovative software has done many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Authenticate individual, content, and businesses
  • Securing information
  • Securing E-commerce and website
  • Securing and maintaining PCs

3. Cloudflare

Cloudflare has so many products to secure the website SSL is one of them. Their motto is to make the internet the in the way that people should use internet for each and every process. Some of the benefits of their SSL certificate:

  • Its a Free SSL Cert
  • Performance
  • High security
  • Improved reliability
  • Batter insight of data

4. StarCom

StarCom is the biggest network group. They are providing SSL certificate from the last several years. Their certificate is free to use. Their certification authority is based on the china. Benefits of their SSL certificate are:
• Trustworthy
• Limitation to the free certificate

5. SSL for free

This is the widely trusted totally free certificate which you use for your website. It provides thе trusted certificate with applied over almost 99 % of the browsers. Benefits of SSL certificate are:

  • It provides you a Free SSL Certificate
  • Protects user data
  • Highly trusted
  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Prevent from hacking

6. GoDaddy

Godaddy works on the saying that if you want to have a customer than you should provide them the secure platform. That what they are doing. They provide SSL certificate to make sure customers feel safe. They have the number of packages based on the SSL certification. Benefits of SSL certificate:

  • 24×7 security
  • Compatible with all the browser
  • Protect unlimited servers
  • Display security seal on the website

7. Geo Trust

Go trust provide the services to secure the multiple domains by spending least amount. They have the different type of SSL certificate service to offer to the users. They have spate SSL solutions for the healthcare, banking, E-commerce and other.

8. GoGetSSL

They provide cheap certificate validations for the business websites. They have so many types of SSL certificates some of them are domain validation SSL, Extended Validation SSL, Wildcard SSL and Multi-domain SSL.

9. WoSign’s SSL

WoSign gives the user full services to secure the platform and issue the fully functionally SSL certificate. The user can access the certificate free of cost.

10. CAcert

This probably one of the organizations which offer the number of SSL certificates to the user. All the certificated are given free of cost. Some benefits of their SSP certificate:

  • Highly secure
  • Advance Support
  • High-level encryption


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