Nginx Load Balancing HTTPS

Nginx Load Balancing HTTPS: How to Configure in CentOS 7

Nobody likes a slow website, does you? the internet users are getting impatience by every passing day and don't want to wait even for few seconds to load the website in...
How to Install Arch Linux UEFI

How to Install Arch Linux – Step by Step Guide

There are many flavors of Linux distribution one of them is the Arch Linux. Which is very versatile, simple and cutting edge OS. It’s more suitable for advance users, but it’s...
add-apt-repository Command not Found

Why you get error “add-apt-repository command not found” & How to Fix it

Issue: While visiting different online forums i came across so many people annoyed with this error message on their fresh Linux install, while they try to run "add-apt-repository" command: add-apt-repository command not found Why...
Domain Transfer

How to Transfer a Domain Name

Transferring a domain is a kind of a tough job (If you don’t know what you are doing, we have make this process really simple for you, by the way, read...
Weebly Bluehost

How to Install and Use Weebly on Bluehost

Create a Free Website using BlueHost Account It is definitely an exciting info for all those who are using Bluehost or the one who have recently signed up for this great web...
How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog – Step-by-Step

So you are starting your online journey with starting a blog? And you are in blues and wondering how to start a blog and where to start from? Worry not; I...

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