7 Best Domain Name Registrar in 2016

Domain name is the first and foremost thing you must consider even before you planning to start your online journey, whether you starting a blog or a website for your professional blogging, your online shop or just want to be a part of online community, you need a domain name. But before you register your domain it’s better to go with the best domain registrar, because once you are register a domain with a registrar you are stuck with them for long time, though you can move to a registrar at any time, but people tend to stick to one to avoid any hassle of moving to other registrar.

If you about start your website, first thing you must consider is register a domain name (your website’s name) through an ICANN accredited registrar. There are a lot of domain registrars out there, from small to big domain registrar, each one offer a different set of services and bonuses, so finding a right registrar can sometimes be a time consuming and tough job for someone who is just starting their online journey.

Most people fall prey to the marketing hype by going with the cheap domain registrar but cheap isn’t always the best option, especially with the domain registrars, choosing the right one, even if they are expensive, is sometimes a good way. These expensive domain registrars come with extras & many freebies that could be useful to you while you build or manage your website.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 best domain registrars, which offers good features, great customer service, product variety and tools at affordable price.

  1. NameCheap
    Best Domain Registrar
    This site offers domain name registration services for relatively low prices, apart for low cost they’ve also known for providing great customer service. NameCheap offers a wide range of diverse plans to suit just about every user’s needs. Here is a list of their features, if you want to register your domain with them, go here, don’t forgot to check out their pricing before you register a domain. NameCheap offers a ton of domain extensions.
  2. Name
    Best Domain Registrar
    Name.com is a good domain registrar with simple and easy to use interface. If you are interested buying your choice of domain name which is already booked by someone, then you can use a service called grabber, which is a service where you pay Name.com to seize that domain for extra money that you really want as soon as that domain becomes available. They also provide website building tools and hosting services, go here to know more about their features and services.
  3. 1 and 1
    Best Domain Registrar
    If you are looking for a low price option then 1&1 is definitely ahead from the rest. They are the one with a lot of added features and bonuses that come with domain registration. For example they provide a one year free private domain registration to protect your personal information appearing in public whois database. It’s an essential thing when one do not want their personal information appear publicly, and is a paid service on most of the domain registrar and normally cost around $10 per year. They also offer free domain transfers if you’re looking to switch over from another domain registrar. We highly recommend their domain name register service.
  4. GoDaddy
    Best Domain Registrar
    It’s almost certain that you probably must have heard about GoDaddy, its well know brand on internet. It’s also known for both good and bad reputation. It is one of the few companies who provide great services at very low cost and you almost certain to get a promotional codes for almost all of its packages, such as these ones, that can easily save you a lot of money. But if you are new to online purchasing, you will be obsessed with its aggressive advertising and up selling practices. Get started with them from going here.
  5. Gandi
    Best Domain Registrar
    This one is good registrar with its motto of providing only value to its customers and ‘no bullshit‘. Very few registart provides private registration for free and Gandi is one of them, when you buy a domain from them you will get a free private domain registration, a free 1-year SSL certificate, and a personal email and many other features for free. Although its price is a bit high compare to other services, but all of the free benefits might be worth it for your requirement. See their pricing here.
  6. Dreamhost
    Best Domain Registrar
    They are the finest domain registrar with free private registration and full DNS support all in a very simple and well designed interface. Its target customers are entrepreneurs and small business owners and have reasonable rates and offers for everyone. The domain transfer feature is dead simple and hassle free. Domain registration is also really simple and pain free.
  7. Hover
    Best Domain Registrar
    This one is also having great looking and simple to manage UI. When you buy a domain name from Hover you will get free private domain registration and unlimited domain forwarding. Its relative unknown for most of you but its service is great and quickly catching up with its competitors with getting better and better by each passing days. Check out Hover’s pricing structure here.

What other domain name registrar have you used before and are you satisfied with their services? And if you think it should be added to this list, then get in touch with us by contacting us.

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